Our Founder

I have worked with herbs since the age of four when my father began teaching me in his community clinic.  My father's clinic was a very busy place, day and night, and those who needed healing would come.

My family history extends back over 300 years through the written word and for over 1,000 years verbally throughout the Middle East. Many of my favorite recipes are those dating back through the generations.  Their value is time-tested.  These are the same recipes that served those that came to our community clinic and were purchased by the kings and royal families of the Middle East.

Many of my recipes are my own work.  I am always in my herbal laboratory developing and testing new products that will better assist the overall health of our society.

I formally studied herbology as well as traveling several times to Asia (China, India, Japan, Thailand and Taiwan) in pursuit of further knowledge and unique herbal recipes not already known to my family.

My company was founded in 1989 and my manufacturing facility is located in North Vancouver, British Columbia.   My products sell throughout Canada and the United States, and soon to China, United Kingdom and hopefully the rest of the world.

Enjoy these pure and concentrated herbal products; free from salts, perfumes, fragrances, preservatives, additives, laboratory altered ingredients or filler ingredients of any kind.

My blessing to those who are touched and can enjoy the results of my life work.


Ahmad Aboukhazaal